THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK / WE ALL DIE (laughing) "Ausstellung"


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Cat.#: TOX038/2
The Kaotoxin Kollektor Series are a brand new series of ultra limited collector releases by a passion-driven label teaming with its extremely creative artists and a growing community of passionate fans that all share the same love for for music and fetish for physical supports. All Kollektor Series releases share the same specifications:

• Crowdfunded with no specific schedule: one is being crowdfunded once the previous one has been released,
• Strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies with NO future reprint,
• Coming as deluxe “vinyl replica” CD (high-quality spined cardboard sleeves with printed inner-sleeves),
• Including exclusive audio material never physically released before and, if available, video material as a CD-ROM track,
• Autographed by all of the involved artists,
• Including large exclusive (12x12cms) stickers of all involved artists,
• Including a special thanklist with all involved crowdfunders’ names.

The first release of the series is “Ausstellung”, a split CD EP by THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK and WE ALL DIE (laughing) featuring a brand new and exclusive track by The Lumberjack Feedback, “I, Mere Mortal”, and the instrumental Dark Jazz variation on the “Thoughtscanning” debut full-length main theme, “Variation on the Scanning of Thoughts”, by We All Die (laughing) previously only available as the “Tentoonstelling” digital single. but more are already planned in the series, including but not limited to, the likes of:

• PUTRID OFFAL “Suffering” EP
• ANAL PENETRATION / INFECTED SOCIETY / VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC “Snuff Fetish Infection” split EP
• MISERABLE FAILURE “Hope” (+ bonus) EP
• C.O.A.G “Sociopath” (+ bonus) EP
…and much more to come!

You can support (and fund) the series starting with a cheap perk of € 5.00 with your name in the thank list, check and support “Ausstellung”, our current project, here: !


released January 22, 2015



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